Punch accuracy

Punch accuracy drills to go for the knockout

Punch accuracy is about aiming, and therefore the main gist…

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pivoting footwork

Pivoting footwork to find that perfect angle

One of the most ignored footwork is pivoting. But why…

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Concussion, and getting back to training

We all know that trauma to the head can be…

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Ducking/dodging/weaving/head movements as a strategy

Boxing isn’t just about throwing punches, and even more so,…

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A diet for boxing champions

Diet is known to be one of the most important…

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push ups

Push ups to maximise power and endurance

Push ups certainly come to mind when it comes to…

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Instant muscle relief with foam rollers

Relief from muscle pains is one of the most appreciated…

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Best Boxing Workouts - Michael B Jordan, Creed

Pyramid Boxing Drill – a Fun and Effective Workout for Punches and Legs

The Pyramid Boxing Drill is a fun and effective workout drill…

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Roadwork - Best Boxing Workouts

Running (Roadwork) for Busy Boxers

Running, or also affectionately called roadwork. In boxing, there are…

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Heavy Bag - Best Boxing Workouts

Heavy Bag Habits You Must Live By

The heavy bag must be treated as what is meant to…

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