Boxing WorkoutsThere isn’t much to tell anything else¬†about boxing because it is already a common word that kids learn even before school. It is also quite the human nature to want to throw a punch anyway, and that is where the term “to box” is also used.

People like (or don’t like) boxing for different reasons. For those who like boxing, some view it as a strategic and brutal sport where they challenge their minds and might against another opponent. Some take boxing as self-defense, whereby a shot at knocking an assailant out cold may be the best way to fend off a group of attackers quickly. And there are others that take boxing as a fitness, and with no intention to ever pummel anyone across the face (and definitely not looking forward to receive one too).

Whatever your reason, you are here because you want to get better in the sport. The focus of this blog is on workouts (for history and stuff like that, there are always Wikipedia and Rocky), and if you want to learn about how people effectively build their bodies into fighting machines, and yet battle with the schedule of everyday lives, this is the site.