Instant muscle relief with foam rollers

Relief from muscle pains is one of the most appreciated experience. There are days when your body is just not in good form, or when you did not pay attention to the stress that is already inflicted, and push yourself too hard. That’s when you wish you didn’t, especially if your muscles go beyond the common ache, and you know something is wrong.

The foam roller is low cost and effective quick relief for injuries. Here are the usual pain points and the methods you can use for a good reprieve, so that you can come back earlier to your boxing workouts.


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Lie on the foam roller running down your spine, knees bended. Stretch your arms backward. Relief!


Upper body

Lie on the floor face up with a foam roller below you, and your shoulder blades on it. Bend your knees. Slowly move your hips up and down and gently roll your back on the foam roller.


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Lower back

Sit on the foam roller, lean backwards and support yourself with your palms on the floor. Cross the leg which is on the side of the pain on the lower back (eg, if it is the right sight of your lower back that is hurting, cross your right leg over the left). Slowly rotate or move your hips forward and back, to find relief.


Hamstrings and calves

Must have not done enough warm-ups! Sit and extend the leg of the hurting hamstring and/or calve over the foam roller. Bend the other knee, and support with your hands behind you. Roll slowly back and forth to find the relief point, hold it there for a bit, and repeat the cycle.



Assume push-up position, except to rest thighs on the foam roller. Lift head upwards and gently roll up and down.


If you have not gotten yourself a foam roller, you might just want to get about ordering one right now.


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