Punch accuracy

Punch accuracy drills to go for the knockout

Punch accuracy is about aiming, and therefore the main gist about improving punch accuracy is to improve aiming your punches.

Create the opponent to target

You may not get a sparring partner all the time, and you might have to train alone. This is a no brainer – stick targets on your punching bag to point out an opponent’s head, shoulders, ribs, sides, wherever you want to improve your fist homing capabilities.

One great thing about using punching bags instead of standing dolls is that punching bags move all over the place, just like a real opponent. You don’t just stand at a spot, and would instead need to get your footwork┬áin motion as well. Practice your head dodges as well while you are at it, while looking for an opening as your bag moves around.

You cannot ignore the need for speed

Now, being able to spot your target is one thing. To bring home the gold, speed is another, before the target moves away and you have to start the entire process again. Repetition will certainly help, and in time, you will get more confident with spotting, and you will throw your punches with lesser hesitation and with more accuracy. It also certainly doesn’t hurt to improve on core and upper body strength through planking and push-ups.

If you would also film yourself in training, you can not only review your drills, and calculate the speed of your punches from your body to the target.

Shane has a short but informative training video on the above method (yes, actually I learned this from the video). It’s only 2 minutes and it gives a good explanation of this drill.

For more of Shane’s really good and quick videos, visit his FightTips YouTube channel.

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