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Push ups to maximise power and endurance

Push ups certainly come to mind when it comes to wanting to build upper body strength. You do not need any equipment, and you can do it all by yourself, anytime, anywhere. You have probably heard about being efficient by integrating push ups in your daily workouts. This breaks monotony and at the same time build important muscles. You definitely want be better in blocking punches, and of course, throwing killer ones.

Building Power with Push Ups

Let’s start with what usually catches the attention for wanting to do them in the first place. You want to throw your punches as quickly as possible, and even if you are jabbing, you want the jab to be lightning fast and hurt your opponent bad.

Plyometric workouts can very quickly build strength in your muscles (adopt the various push ups to build different muscles you need. Click here for a good top 10 list). Just be mindful not to overtax your muscles, and when you find yourself slowing down and not able to keep up, stop. Over time after your muscles recover, they will get stronger and you will be able to do more repetitions.

Building Endurance with Push Ups

Some people who prefer to start with this first. It is up to you. The importance of endurance is a no brainer as how long you last in training or in the ring depends on how long you can last. In contrary to push ups to build power, push ups for endurance should focus on completing the number of repetitions than to focus on how fast you can do them. Stick to your number of repetitions. Complete them them slowly if you have to. Whatever you do, finish the repetitions.

For a guide of how many repetitions you should target to do based on your age and gender, here is a good reference.


I don’t believe that there is supposed to be a fixed set of repetitions and order which everyone should follow. Our bodies are different, and our lifestyles and schedules are different. Wherever and whenever you know are best places and times to incorporate push ups, do them. Experiment with different times and places, variations of push ups, and monitor your growth. Do not forget, exercises are supposed to be fun, so make sure that you are having lots of it!

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