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Pyramid Boxing Drill – a Fun and Effective Workout for Punches and Legs

The Pyramid Boxing Drill is a fun and effective workout drill that conditions your body to build up your punches and develop strength in your legs.

Best Boxing Workouts - Boxing Pyramid Challenge

From Healthy Balance Fitness –

But first, if you cannot see the image above, this is the workout called the Boxing Pyramid Challenge (I think most of us call it the Pyramid Boxing Drill) by Healthy Balance Fitness:

Jabs, crosses x 10, Push ups x 10
Uppercuts x 20, Squats x 20
Jabs, crosses x 30, Push ups x 30
Uppercuts x 40, Squats x 40
Jabs, crosses x 30, Push ups x 30
Uppercuts x 20, Squats x 20
Jabs, crosses x 10, Push ups x 10



Best Boxing Workouts - Pyramid Boxing Drill

The Jab – Image taken from Breaking Muscle (

Jabs are usually not the finishing moves (not unless you are playing Street Fighter and you corner M Bison and jab him to death), but like playing computer fighting games, they are good in reducing your opponent’s endurance. They also annoy, and thus distract the opponent. If done right, jabs near the eye, or at the eye, can also be a good crippler (make them see spots, or have tears get in the way of their vision). Eric C. Steven‘s write-up on the jab explains well on the benefits. Go here. Another big benefit of jabs is to keep your opponent at a safe distance until you are ready to move in fast for…



Best Boxing Workouts - Pyramid Boxing Drill

The Cross or The Straight – taken from Mighty Fighter (

Quite naturally, the follow-up move after some jabs is a cross or a straight. You throw a punch through your rear hand straight across to your opponent. Several good uses of the cross, the most obvious is to cover distance in middle to long ranges. Crosses also definitely bring more damage than jabs. For a comprehensive description of the cross or the straight, go to Mighty Fighter’s post here.


Push Ups

One of the most basic static exercises. Many do this and know that push ups build power for any sport and reason, however, for boxing, it is important to make push ups more explosive as pretty often, this would be how you throw punches – with a BOOM. Do the same in your push ups. It makes complete logical sense. If punches need to be lightning fast and powerful, the muscles that make this happen has to be worked upon every single day. There is not a lot of science to discuss here as push ups are very straight forward. If you have pull-up bar nearby, finish up the push ups with some pulls.

Here is a worthy video to watch, made by Johnny N of Expert Boxing. Features correct positions, and some variations of push ups optimal for boxers.

EDIT: For a more recent post that explores push ups a little more, go to



Are you on the inside of a fight? Jabs and crosses cannot work because you are too close to your opponent. A natural and logical strike is up the solar plexus or the chin. Here comes in the uppercut. The uppercut channels energy from the waist up to the fist in an upward motion, hence the core muscles, and rotation on the waist, are very important (on workouts on the core muscles, go check out the Core category).

A video on a basic uppercut technique can be seen here.

There are at least four types of uppercuts I can think of (rear, lead, pull back, and body uppercuts), so you may want to incorporate all four in variety when doing your pyramid challenge. And no, in boxing and reality itself, we don’t do Tiger Uppercuts or Shoryukens



I hear differing views about squats. Some feel that squats are actually not effective, especially when they associate it with deadlifts. I beg to differ. Although I most certainly don’t consider squats as the most important workout, squats have fundamental benefits and should never be removed from the plan. The thighs are part of the core muscles that need to remain strong, so there is no way that squats should be forgotten.

Moderate weights are recommended for squats for this pyramid challenge, but because I would recommend that the pyramid challenge is done anywhere you may happen to be, weights may not readily be available, hence I would assume that most of the time, you would be doing air squats (view video below on a drill by Warren Bloom). Especially for daily workouts, you should be aiming to gradually and steadily building strength without the risk of hurting yourself. Heavier weights should still be done, but not in this pyramid challenge.



The Pyramid Boxing Drill can be easily be fun by adding in variations. Research on what other fighters do to spice up otherwise mundane drills (how about the Bruce Lee one-armed push up)? You can adjust the repetitions accordingly to your comfort and gradual development. Especially if you are nursing an injury or recovering from an illness, the Pyramid Boxing Drill can be easily tweaked accordingly to your physical and mental condition, and at the same time have you not neglect your moves. Do this every day, and you will definitely see results in the next 30 days.

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