Roadwork - Best Boxing Workouts

Running (Roadwork) for Busy Boxers

Running, or also affectionately called roadwork. In boxing, there are several simple ways to build endurance – swimming, skipping, and running. Basically, it is a stronger heart you are trying to build, and that would pump sufficient blood throughout your body when you face an opponent in the ring. In this post, we shall only talk about running, and particularly so if you are a busy person who is already struggling in having time to yourself, but just won’t give up in pursuing your passion for boxing.

If you are like me, then you have obligations to meet in the most part of your waking hours. Here are some quick roadwork essentials that you should be able to find time to squeeze in:


Run On The Track

You may prefer to run through the woods or in your regular circuit in the city, but I’d recommend visiting the track at least once every two weeks. It is easier to measure your distance and time on the track, and there is a lesser likely chance that you would run into someone busy walking with his eyes glued on his phone, or encounter the resident bear from amongst the trees (people aren’t as lucky as Leonardo DiCaprio to fight off a bear and finally win an Oscar – congratulations to Leonardo anyway)! Even if you mean to do a leisurely run, the track would be less stressful as you can generally see the entire place without worry of encountering a passing bicycle, so however tired you may be due to work or other day commitments, just go to the track regularly.


Running - Best Boxing Workouts

You don’t have to go alone. Run with friends.


Interval Training

Especially if you need to build stamina fast and you only have a quick hour every two days, interval training is very effective.

Definitely recommended to do this at the track, but you may also do this on your favourite circuit. In interval trainings, you set a spot and distance where you will sprint, and later jog and wind down after completing the distance. Start small like 50 meters, and eventually 100. When you are really comfortable, go for the longer distances. But do not hurt yourself by overstraining. Recovery can take a very long time and throw you backwards in your progress.

There are many creative ways to do interval training. You may start with 50 meters, rest a few minutes, and next go for 100 meters, rest, and then 200 meters. Pay attention to your body, that while you exert it, do not hurt it.

As your cardiovascular muscles strengthen over time, try doing interval trainings up a slope (going down the slope serves little purpose, of course). Find a nice quiet road at a reasonable angle, and sprint up. Cool down by walking down the slope, and repeat the process again.

For a good read about interval training, visit Colorado Physical Therapy Specialist‘s post on 10-20-30 Interval Training. While the purpose of this article is mainly to improve running time, and running time isn’t exactly what you are aiming for as a boxer, it should be able to strengthen your heart at an efficient and effective pace.


Running - Best Boxing Workouts

Interval training is a very effective way in building endurance fast.
Source: Colorado Physical Therapy Specialists



Don’t have time to hit the gym or make a trip to Philadelphia? No worries, hit the steps in your apartment. Just avoid the neighbour making his or her way along the same flight of steps, and make sure you aren’t bothering the baby living just behind the wall.

Well, of course if you can sneak in a quick hour at a sports stadium, the steps there can be a motivating place. When you reach the top, turn around and be greeted with the view. Like interval training on a slope, catch your breath when you walk back down. And especially when you want to have a Rocky moment, go to Philadelphia (wait a minute, you are supposed to be too busy to find time), or find some place that reminds you of it. You have all the right to want to feel like a champion.

Here is the winning scene that has immortalized Sylvester Stallone in the classic boxing classic Rocky… okay at least until YouTube is dead.



And hey, might as well rent a Rocky movie and watch when you are totally flat out after a long day.


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