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The One Footwork Drill You Must Do Every Day

Footwork drill — why is it important? Footwork is the essential movement in boxing. It not only determines how fast you move, but also how quickly you can plant your feet firmly to the floor to throw punches or block hits. A good footwork is very different from what you may have seen in amateur boxing movies where the boxer keeps hopping around. A good footwork mostly has your feet close to the ground so that you can spring into defense or attack when the situation calls for it. Hence this highly recommended daily footwork drill is something you cannot afford to miss.

The feet also do not move alone. The rest of your body, mainly your shoulders and arms move in tandem. In order to keep them in harmony, it is absolutely critical to make it second nature to your body, and the most effective way is always through repetition.

This video by Shane Fazen demonstrates how his coach had made it a daily habit for him to do this *every* *single* *day*. At first glance, the drill may look comical and makes you wonder how this routine can actually keep  footwork and arms in harmony, but after a while, it will all start to make sense. The drill would force the body to step on each straight punch that you throw.

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